Avoiding risk and the danger of CYA

Seth Godin recently wrote a blog post entitled “A hierarchy of business to business needs" - it struck me immediately as completely true and I printed it out and stuck it to my cork board. If you’ll notice, the list is in order of primary needs on down. ‘Avoiding Risk’ - is number one, ‘Making a profit’ is last. Frightening stuff.

Lets say, that this is true for only 50% of businesses (but, I think you’ll agree that number is probably larger) this means that half of all people going to work everyday are first and foremost looking to minimize their risk - both of their organization and personal. Not make a better product. Not listen to customers. Not make a better work environment for their employees. But instead, minimizing risk.

This is just dripping with CYA. And, when you’re busy covering your ass, and avoiding risk, you’re missing opportunities.

Instead of finding something, you’re avoiding something.